You’re here

I’m here too.

Hello, and welcome to my bloggy. This will be a repository of whatever I feel like posting, specifically related to books. That means book reviews, sales, discounts, freebies, recommendations, and anything else that calls to me.

Who am I to tell you all these deep secrets?

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal that info. Suffice to say, it involves elves, dwarven caverns, magical crystals that enable inter-global communication, grimmoires, poppets, and a human sacrifice or two. But it’s nothing illegal, really.

I’m still figuring out this blogging thing as I go along, so this site is gonna look ugly until I figure out what I’m doing. Fair warning: that can take several eternities.

I get several advanced review copies of books throughout the year, and I figured it’s way past time I put up my reviews on someplace other than Goodreads. It’s a great site, but I want to see if a blog works for me too.

I work a day job that sucks out my soul. Sometimes I like it. Many times I don’t. Sometimes, I’m too tired to care either way. Working weekends suck, and I do that during our busy seasons. I hope to keep up the blog even during the tough times. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m a major fantasy fan. I read lots of middle grade, YA, and adult fantasy books. I try branching out to other genres occasionally, but I always end up coming back to my fantasy home. I do not like dystopian, awkward romances, or badly written books. I do read several indie books, and I’ll be recommending the ones I like.

I’m going to figure this blogging thing out, and turn this from an ugly duckling into – well, maybe not a masterpiece, but something worthy of being read by some species somewhere in the galaxy.

-Keep reading good books that’ll take you into fantastical worlds.


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