Whoever thought that we’d live through a real life apocalypse? When I read, books come to life in my head. The characters really do exist. The countries & cultures are somewhere out there, just beyond my reach. But on another level, I could also appreciate that even if I’ll never get to fly across the world on dragonback, bond with some magical creature, meet an elf, or defeat a villain using my supremely powerful magic skills, I also don’t have to worry about the problems that often crop up in books. The world will never rely on my magical or battle prowess to save it from some calamity or other. Take a story like Harry Potter, for example. We may not be able to wave our wands & yell Expelliarmus, but we also don’t have to worry about meeting Voldemort or being hit with the Cruciatus Curse.

My point is, that world disasters are not only expected to occur in books, but that it’s practically a requirement. But while all that is going on, I’m supposed to be comfortably reading about it while relaxing on a nice beach. Not experiencing my own dystopian plot. Actually, I don’t like reading dystopian books. If this were a movie, I’d want to fast forward past all the bad parts. Maybe skip a few pages ahead in the book.

I just think that if we have to live through an international plague, then the next page in the book of our life should have a character who discovers they have magical healing abilities. Or at the very least, a team of scientists will create the cure, but then we’ll discover that they’re really evil scientists, hired by a villain to create the cure for their nefarious goals, and they’ll use the virus as a weapon to achieve their aims while keeping themselves safe. But a heroic team will vault in one night, steal the cure, and distribute it freely to the world, before quietly disappearing until the next crisis.

I prefer the magical version though. Or in another version, those who survive the virus end up with magical abilities. This one is my current favorite. And I don’t see why one of those abilities wouldn’t be healing. So, everyone will now be able to choose whether to risk undergoing the virus and either die from it, or gain supernatural abilities.

Unfortunately, real life hasn’t caught up with fantasy yet.

I hope everyone is keeping safe & healthy. We all know someone infected and/or badly impacted by the current situation. No one is immune. The virus doesn’t discriminate.

My advice, if you’ll have it, is to keep yourself healthy. One of the most important factors in any health plan is to decrease stress. There’s so much bad news out there. Many of us are going through complicated and stressful times. Do what you can to keep yourself happy. Don’t check the news constantly. Yes, it’s important to be aware of current events, but you don’t need to check it more than twice or thrice a day. Focus on your work, if you can, and spend more quality time with your family, friends, or pet(s) if you’re lucky enough to have any of those, while being mindful of social distancing rules. Find some time to curl up with a good book or movie or a hobby that will take your mind away from the current situation.

I’m trying to take my own advice too.

To everyone working in the healthcare profession, thank you. We owe you big time.

And if anyone starts seeing zombies walking down the street, or discovers they now have magical abilities, please let me know.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Look out for your neighbors.

P.S. – Please remember your local food banks or other neighborhood charities. Even if you can only spare a dollar, that dollar can travel a long way. If a hundred people give a dollar in one day, that’s one hundred dollars for those who need it. Don’t think as if you’re only giving one dollar. Remember that you’re part of a greater community, and that united together, we are worth millions.

Sorry about this break from my usual routine. I’ll be putting up a book review shortly.

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