The Green Door

Author: Heather Kindt

Audience: YA & up

My rating: 4.6 stars

Series: The Eternal Artifacts

Choose a door, find the prize, get paid.

When she finds a flyer advertising a cash prize for whoever wins the game, Meg, in need of funds for college, applies together with her best friend & teammate, Brek. What neither of them know, is that the game is a matter of life and death, in another world, where magic and tyrants and talking animals and lots of danger exists. When winning the game means going against their morals, Meg and Brek have to make some complicated decisions.

The Green Door (The Eternal Artifacts Book 1) by [Heather Kindt]
Open at your own peril

This book had some great world building. In some ways, it was like Narnia – a portal world, talking animals, an enemy to vanquish and magic to fix. But it was also more young adult, since the characters were just finishing high school, and there was a bit more death. But I really enjoyed the world it was set in, and the magic and challenges the characters faced.

The characters weren’t the most developed, but they were good enough. I still wish they had a bit more depth. I’d have liked to see them having more serious reactions to others’ deaths, especially when they killed someone for the first time, or when one lost a teammate, but barely mentioned it thereafter. They did react, but they moved on too quickly in my opinion. I didn’t connect to the characters too deeply, only on a superficial level.

The romance moved as expected. It wasn’t a rushed affair, and it wasn’t the sole focus of the book, which I greatly appreciated. The love interest was introduced right away, but the couple took their time getting to know each other.

The plot was fun and it was an engaging read. I enjoyed it right from the start. There’s a nice mix of magic and adventure. If you’re looking for a heroic magic quest with a secret traitor, a spoiled princess, a handsome tyrant, an enigmatic wizard, and humans turned into animals, this is your book.

Time to open the next door…

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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