Author: KayLynne Flanders

My rating: 3.5 stars

Princess Jenna’s country is at war & is in imminent danger. To obtain vital assistance, her father betroths her to a prince of a neighboring country. Jenna, a lonely princess, must leave at once in order to thwart her country’s enemies. On the way over, while traveling through a dangerous forest, her convoy is attacked, and princess Jenna is forced on the run, using only her wits, blade skills, instincts, and a bit of magic to survive in the wild, and against a mage whom history has almost forgotten.

Shielded by [KayLynn Flanders]
Great cover!

In a way, the story is somewhat simplistic. There are evil mages against good heroic royals. The love interests are instantly attracted to each other. Everyone is nice and helpful, and whatever secrets the characters are hiding are painfully obvious to the reader.

Still, the story was well told and this was an enjoyable read. Yes, it was very predictable, but that didn’t stop it from being enjoyable. It’s nice to read a story with nice people and uncomplicated plots every so often.

Princess Jenna was a strong heroine, an amazing warrior, and a loyal friend. I enjoyed reading this book.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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