A Stitch in Time

Author: Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4.3 stars

A haunted house, unsolved murders, & a time travel romance.

Years after a tragic accident took place there, Bronwyn returns to a beloved haunted old manor on the English moors. When her childhood dreams of ghosts & an old love prove to be true memories, Bronwyn travels back to Victorian times to meet her old boyfriend. Yet the ghosts in her present time are desperate for release. Desperate enough to cause another tragic accident, one that Bronwyn won’t be able to escape from again.

A Stitch in Time

This isn’t a horror book. It has elements of spookiness, but only ones that give you minor chills down the back. Not the heart stopping fright type. It’s more of a time travel romance with a side of mystery, where Bronwyn has to figure out who murdered the ghosts who currently haunt her new home. Of course, that’s all connected to her history with William, her old childhood flame from Victorian England. And there are cute kittens. A horror book would never have cute cuddly kittens.

It was a good whodunit mystery case too. I like how the plot pointed fingers at characters I cared about, making me question their actions, until the final reveal. It added some good suspense, which mixed very nicely with the spooky atmosphere. (Think ghosts & murderers on the quiet lonely moors.)

The romance was nice too, a re-connection of two childhood friends/teenage lovers, who now meet again as adults. There were some steamy moments. This is an adult book.

The book ended with almost everything neatly resolved. I think the next book in this series will be more of a companion book for the side characters. I was very happy with the way things ended here.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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