A House for Keeping

Author: Matteson Wynn

My rating: 4.2 stars

Not long after her parents pass away, Finn receives an invitation to a family reunion. Deciding it’s high time she leaves the desert state she calls home to see more of the world, Finn RSVPs & turns the journey into a sightseeing cross-country road trip. Having never met her extended family before, Finn is surprised to find out that the reunion is not at all what she expected it to be. Faced with a unique house, unfriendly relatives, dangerous risks, and ancient family traditions that she was never aware of, Finn has to decide if the benefits of accepting her family tradition is worth sticking around for.

A House for Keeping: an urban fantasy (Housekeeper Series Book 1) by [Matteson Wynn]

I like books with sentient friendly helpful houses, and I don’t get enough of them. Some of my favorites include Jessica Day George’s Tuesdays at the Castle series and Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper books. There’s something just so cozy and warm about a house that’s looking out for its owner.

Throughout the book, Finn learned that magic exists and that there’s a sort of family contest to inherit the position of housekeeper. Which is a job that is more about working with a house as loyal as a dog and less about cleaning it. There are people who have planned all their diabolical deeds for once they take over, but Finn’s unexpected presence is an unwanted nuisance. To say the least.

This was a cozy magical book, with a really smart and helpful cat too. Looking forward to continuing this series.

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