Story Magic

Author: Laurel Gale

My rating: 3.1 stars

Kaya lives alone with her brother, Hobb, who’s taken care of her ever since their parents died. When Hobb is arrested by the magic guild, Kaya resolves to travel to the city to try to rescue him. To do so, she’ll need to use story magic, a power forbidden to be used by girls, in addition to using her wits and every ounce of bravery and confidence she can muster.

Story Magic by [Laurel Gale]

This was a great character journey. Kaya started out as young orphan girl, reliant on her brother for everything. Over the course of the book, Kaya learned to look out for herself and to discern the truth. Sometimes, the people we trust the most aren’t the righteous beings we always thought them to be. It’s up to Kaya to decide what type of person she’d like to grow up to be.

I didn’t get into this book right away, but I was hooked after the first few chapters. There’s a lot of depth and heartwarming honesty and friendship and family.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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