The Infamous Frankie Lorde: Stealing Greenwich

Author: Brittany Geragotelis

My rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

Conning for kids

Frankie & her father are professional thieves. Always on the move, constantly changing disguises, smart, wily, and cunning. But when the police finally catch up to them, Frankie has to move in with her uncle, a law abiding detective, of all things. When the law gets twisted and her uncle has to let an injustice slide, Frankie finds it a perfect opportunity to exercise her unique skills & maybe even find a new partner-friend in the process.

Frankie is a smart and funny kid, but a criminal has to hide her skills. Every instance in her life is another opportunity for Frankie to play her cons. Reading people, pickpocketing, blending in… Frankie turns every normal life activity into an act. Even going to school, viewed from her criminal lens, is an exciting and new experience.

While this is a book glorifying crime, for those who prefer more upright morals, be aware that even though Frankie operates on the gray side of the law, her intentions and actions are very justifiable. Sometimes, heroes can do better jobs without being hampered by the law. Sometimes, the law needs heroes who can operate outside its strict boundaries.

I would’ve appreciated some more time spent on Frankie’s emotional state after her father was incarcerated and she got shipped off into a very different lifestyle, but i did like the relevant, if brief, mentions of some current social issues.

This book was fun. Any fan of Ocean’s Eleven, The 39 Clues, and the like (think crime & spy shows) will enjoy this read. I’d say this is for younger criminals at heart, but I’m an older fan and finished the book in one sitting. I’m glad to hear it’s a series. I’m ready for Frankie’s next big con.

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