Royal Order of Fighting Dragons

Author: Dan Elish

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chosen boy saves world from locusts.

Ike’s father died in a filming accident years ago. The show had a strong fan base, some of whom went as far as to think the show was real. Ike knows better than to confuse movies with reality, and does his best to ignore the crazed fans, until he is attacked by the same giant lizards that his father died fighting. Now, he joins with the other heirs & their dragons to fight the lizards and protect the world.

This book is meant for a middle grade audience. The plot was too simplistic, and the characters and events were too exaggerated for me to enjoy them, and I usually like middle grade books. This would be great for a reader looking for a lighter, non-complex read. There’s lots of action, fighting, and heroic moments.

To be more detailed, there were several overdramatic unrealistic moments, like when one kid arrived on a rope hanging from a helicopter. And of course, the sixth grade heroes’ sudden amazing fighting and survival skills were a bit over the top. One went around catching alligators, another was a walking encyclopedia. They all acted like kids put in charge of saving the world – young and stupid and inexperienced. There were also some historical inaccuracies, like a book from king Arthur’s time, written in modern English. This book is great for kids who enjoy exaggerated humor and martial abilities.

What really annoyed me, was that from all the four sixth grade heroes, everyone constantly lauded Ike and put Ike in charge, even though every other kid had either better fighting abilities or knowledge. In doing so, they minimized the accomplishments of the others, particularly Elmira, whose knowledge and perseverance were barely acknowledged.

Again, I don’t think I was the right audience for this book. It would be better intended for readers seeking a simplistic young male hero saves the world plot.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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