Thieves of Weirdwood

Authors: Christian McKay Heidicker & William Shivering

My rating: 4.2 stars

Ghosts, monsters, and magical quills. Wacky magical fun.

Wally is a street thief, one in danger of losing his position in the thief gang, and maybe a few of his fingers, if he doesn’t bring in enough money quick. Worse than that, the hospital is threatening to do medical experiments on his brother unless Wally can pay the medical bills asap. Desperate, Wally agrees to partner with his maybe friend Arthur on an unusual heist, one that will become even more unusual than he could have ever imagined.

When Wally broke into a burned out house, he did not imagine he would find magic, ghosts, and maybe even friends. Nor did he expect to have to save his city from bleeding into a nightmare world. There’s lots of cool and horrific monsters here, some as friendly as helpful ghosts, others as nasty as murderous ogres. The story is very imaginative and full of exciting adventures and dangerous villains.

The characters were a nice mix of colorful personalities. Wally was a good solid hero type. His partner was a sometimes reliable, sometimes selfish flamboyant tongue charmer. And the people they met were eclectic and powerful, enemies and potential allies.

This was a great imaginative adventure for middle grade and older readers with themes of friendship, honesty, and integrity. And lots of wacky & magical moments.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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