Dragon Link

Author: Ava Richardson

Ragond’s Portal War Book 1

My rating: 4.1 stars

Dragons, magic & a portal world

Nova, a sixteen year old in the foster system, is out late one night with her best friend Zephyr, when a dragon pops up and chases after them. The dragon claims to know Nova’s mother, whom Nova has no memories of, and requests Nova’s help finding her. What the girls didn’t expect (aside from the obvious: dragon), was to land up in a different world, full of magic, dragons, and a culture alien to them. In order to learn more about her mother and to try to find her, Nova will have to agree to enroll in a dragon riding military academy, and Zephyr will need to learn to become a witch. Is it worth it to put themselves in danger fighting a war not their own, for people who want to send them back to Earth, for the slim hopes of finding her mother?

Dragon Link (Ragond's Portal War Book 1) by [Ava Richardson]

This was a fun book. Dragons, magic, a portal world. Themes of finding family and loyalty to one’s friends.

Nova has an attitude and lacks respect for rules. A typically teen, in other words. And this was a typical YA book, where said disrespectful teen somehow ends up saving the world. That aside, I enjoyed Nova’s self confident & anti social nature. There was a bit of Harry Potter type cliche of the famous parents that everyone but the main character knows about. I still found it enjoyable though. I just wish that Nova spent more time getting to know the one relative she finally met, instead of purposely ignoring them.

There were several fighting scenes, lots of flying, and bits of magic. Most of all, I enjoyed Nova & Zephyr’s friendship, the dragon bonds, lack of romantic relationships, and the magical academy type of setting. I’m looking forward to continuing this series.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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