The Stepmom Shake-up

Author: Niki Lenz

My rating: 3.2 out of 5

Grace and her father make the perfect team and an even better two-person family. So, when her father starts to date again, with bright hopes of a future marriage, Grace will do anything to prevent that from happening. From thinking up pranks to sabotaging her father’s efforts, Grace is hard pressed to keep herself safe from potential stepmothers.

Grace is a young, but very self confident girl. She and her dad are history nerds, sharing a love of history facts and everything presidential. They fit perfectly together, and Grace knows that a third wheel will ruin it. When her dad starts going out and tries dating potential stepmothers, Grace, with the help of her best friend, implements pranks to sabotage her father’s chances. It helped that her father was innocent and naïve, although I found Grace’s pranks a little too outrageous, and her father seemed too naïve at times. It should appeal more to younger readers though.

This book had some good themes about life changes and family relationships. Grace went through a nice learning curve throughout the story.

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