Author: Kelley Armstrong

Series: A Stitch in Time #2

My rating: 3.8 of 5 stars

A sweet time travel romance.

An accidental misstep takes Rosalind from her husband and son in Victorian England to its modern day parallel. For four long years, she is stuck in the twenty-first century, a frightening and confusing place for a woman straight out of history. When she is finally able to return to her time, Rosalind finds that life has moved on without her. Her son is no longer a baby. Her husband may have remarried. Time has changed them all.

A Twist of Fate (A Stitch in Time Book 2) by [Kelley Armstrong]

I was disappointed at first that this wasn’t a direct continuation of the first book. The same characters do appear, but not for very long, and not until near the conclusion. This book focuses on Rosalind, her son, and her husband. After I accepted that, I found this book to be as enjoyable as the first. There’s lots of romance, ghosts, and danger. In some ways, the plot was very similar to the first book. (Which one doesn’t need to read before this one. Consider them book cousins rather than sequels.) I liked the first book, so reading something so similar was enjoyable. But there were lots of differences between the books, especially with Rosalind’s relationship and reconnection with her son. So, there’s a lot of fresh material, and the plot isn’t entirely predictable.

As in the first book, there are ghosts, hauntings, murder mysteries, and good storytelling. I like how the plot didn’t focus solely on the romance, but spent a nice amount of time with mother-son bonding and other subplots, although there was a fair amount of romance too. It’s a bit different than a first-time romance in that the couple had to work on reconnecting & on forgiveness of past mistakes, but that wasn’t a big hurdle here. Most fantasy books don’t feature characters who are already parents, so I really enjoyed the mother-child & family relationship focuses.

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