Author: Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The worst thing to be, ever, is a coward. Spensa’s father was one. Not just a coward, but the most infamous coward in the Defiant’s history. He was also a top notch fighter pilot. Spensa’s dream is to become a pilot too. To prove to the world that she isn’t a coward, and that they were wrong about her father. But no one wants to give the daughter of the infamous coward a chance to fly.

Skyward (The Skyward Series Book 1) by [Brandon Sanderson]

This book was a great combination of sci-fi and fantasy. About half the book takes place in the air, and the writing is so good, you can feel every twist and spin of the planes, and all the g-force behind every acceleration. The sky battles felt so alive. If you’ve ever wanted to fly, these books can take you there vicariously.

But this book isn’t only about humans flying advanced planes to shoot aliens away from their planet. The characters involved were just as good as the plot, if not better and more complex. Spensa underwent a really good character arc throughout the story, questioning what it means to be a coward or hero, and if her society was right in their definitions of both. I loved Spensa’s flight team. They started out so young and fresh and eager for battle. Their journey to battle wearied pilots, and their friendships and comeradie were grim and heartwarming, and most of all, felt emotionally realistic. I especially enjoyed how each character had a unique personality and individual backstory. It really added so much to an already fantastic book.

This book had a fantastic plot, complex characters, excellent humor, and was an unparalleled experience. It was every bit as good as I expected a Sanderson book to be, and well worth all the time I waited to read it. I highly recommend it.

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