Dragon Ally

Author: Ava Richardson

My rating: 5 out of 5.

Series: Qapira Awakening #1

Del is a thief who learned long ago to rely only on himself and to trust no one. But when stranded on an island with little food and a monster waiting for them to surrender, maybe a dishonest thief is exactly what they all need to survive and to beat the kraken.

Dragon Ally (Qapira Awakening Book 1) by [Ava Richardson, Ava Richardso]

Del looks out for himself. It’s the only way he’s been able to survive on the streets ever since his uncle disappeared. Now, after the ship he stowed away on is attacked by a mythical beast, Del finds himself stranded on an island with two others. One, a young rich lady, and the other, a strange old man with dragon eggs and magical powers. Del can choose to help the wounded old man and lazy rich girl survive until they’re rescued, but he certainly won’t be doing it for free.

Dragons, magic, krakens, shipwreck survivors… This was a fun magical book, the kind filled with good friendships, character growth, and lots of magic.

Stranded on an island patrolled by a murderous kraken, Del needs to learn to work with a sometimes snobby noble woman and an old dragon/magic teacher in order to survive and to hopefully get off the island. This isn’t easy for Del, who is used to looking out for himself, and certainly not when he has to work with lazy nobles who’ve never worked a day in their lives.

Etenia, the young rich woman, has her own issues to work through. To Del, she’s a privileged snob. But stuck on the island together, he learns there’s a lot more to Etenia than he’d assumed. As different as they are, there’s a lot they can teach each other. That is, if they can agree to trust and work together.

There was a lot of character growth in this book, and I really enjoyed seeing Del struggle with his trust and friendship issues. Especially when those same issues carried over to his relationship with his dragon. The plot was fast paced, with lots of kraken & magic fights and heroic deeds. It was a really fun and enjoyable read.

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