To Shape a Dragon’s Breath

Anequs’ life changes irrevocably after she finds a dragon egg near her island home. Unfortunately, her people, a Native American type of tribe in an alternate colonial America, no longer remember how to shape a dragon’s breath, a way of using the dragon’s magic. Without such training, the dragon presents a danger to Anequs’ family and friends. Her best hope is to leave her small island home and attend a dragoneer school run by the people who conquered and rule her land. Leaving her family and friends, Anequs must find her place among those who view her and her people as ignorant barbarians.

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Tonight’s the grand ball at the palace, and Anais’ parents have pinned all their political hopes on marrying off their daughter to a rich & titled noble. Anais dutifully attends the ball, dances with potential suitors, and then dies in an unexpected rebel attack on the palace, bombs, guns, and blood galore. But worse than all the blood and death, is Anais waking up after to realize that she has to relive the same day, the same deadly ball, and die every night, over and over and over again.

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Seelie is a changeling who was able to grow up with her human counterpart, Isolde, as identical twin sisters. As much as she wishes and tries to act like a normal human, Seelie’s magic and different way of relating to others forces her and her sister to leave home as teens. When they find a magical compass that can lead them to a forgotten treasure, Isolde is excited for the adventure, but Seelie feels quite the opposite. Unwilling to work with two others who must come along, afraid of her own magical abilities, and wary of the magical compass that only works for her, and speaks in her head, Seelie is dragged along on an adventure filled with way too much danger.

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The Serpent in Heaven

Kidnappings, an evil rich grandfather, and lots of magic.

Comfortably ensconced in the Rasputin school after a lifetime of poverty in the slums of Mexico, Felicia finally expects to be safe, well fed, and to hopefully learn enough to eventually be self sufficient. She may not like being a blood donor for the Tsar, but that price beats the alternatives she’s lived through. When she’s kidnapped and faces multiple threats to her life and to the lives of those who protect her, Felicia will need to look to her past for answers. Why would anyone want to kidnap her, a penniless orphan? With some help from friends, and with her own hidden strengths, Felicia seeks answers that may require revealing a few secrets of her own.

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Something in the Heir

Emmie loves the house and estate she grew up in, so when her parents move out, and her grandfather declares that he will give the house to whichever grandchild next marries, Emmie rushes into a marriage arrangement with an old friend. Will Pershing makes a good friend, and neither seeks more than a convenient partnership. This arrangement works splendidly for years, until Emmie faces the second part of her grandfather’s stipulation: she must have a child in order to keep the house.

Since her grandfather & other family live a distance away and only communicate by mail, Emmie was able to pretend she had children. But when her grandfather requests their presence at his grand birthday party, Emmie and Will are in a quandary. Without children, they lose the house and their respect. Can they borrow a set of children and manage to pass them off as their own without anyone the wiser?

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The Dragon’s Promise

Demons, dragons, and a dangerous pearl

Before Princess Shiori can rest after freeing her brothers from their curse, she must honor the promise she made to her late stepmother on her deathbed. But delivering the magical pearl to its rightful owner is no simple task. Many covet the pearl’s power, and Shiori’s own abilities as her country’s bloodsake places her at greater risk. Facing dragons, demons, ghosts, and fanatic priestesses, Shiori will need all her brothers’ and her betrothed’s help to save herself and to fulfill her stepmother’s last wish.

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Ruby Fever

When her nemesis strikes too close to home, Catalina must protect her nearest and dearest with all she’s got. Arkan has made good use of the serum, using it to gain himself powerful soldiers and to manipulate favors from those indebted to him. With the Russian Imperium interfering, and with her family coming under attack one time too many, Catalina has a lot to deal with. And that’s without taking into account the skeletons hiding in her closet.

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Alliana, Girl of Dragons

Cinderella meets dragons.
Alliana’s father died several years ago, leaving her in the care of her stepmother, a selfish woman who treats Alliana worse than a servant. Forced to clean and mend night and day while her stepmother and stepsiblings live happily off her labor, Alliana dreams of her one chance for a better life – the regional ball, where every 12 year old is presented for a chance to be chosen to attend the royal academy.

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The Art of Prophecy

Jian was born to be a hero. Declared the prophesized Chosen One at his birth, Jian was raised in riches and with high honor, as he trained to defeat an invincible enemy. But his whole life & purpose shatters in an instant, when the enemy dies without his help. Suddenly irrelevant, and deemed an expensive & dangerous figurehead, Jian must run from the very people who had honored him all his life. But life is very different when you’re a poor nobody. If Jian can’t acclimate to life while blending in as a normal person, then he very well won’t have a long life.

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Vika leaped from poverty to riches, but to avoid returning to the slums of her past, she needs to marry a stranger. With the help of some friends, Vika must discover who keeps trying to murder the heirs to the Chapin fortune, while at the same time, figure out how far she’s willing to go to keep her riches.