Sea of Kings

Author: Melissa Hope

My rating: 3 of 5

Pirates, princes, & mythical beings on the high seas.

When their castle is attacked, prince brothers Noa & Dagan and their friends hijack and flee on a pirate ship. Following a mysterious magical map given to him by the king, Prince Noa and his crew of rambunctious young boys hope to find a way to save their island.

Sea of Kings by [Melissa Hope]

Pirates, mythical water creatures, and sailing mishaps galore, a group of rowdy, young, and industrious boys must figure out how to sail their stolen ship, flee from pirates and soldiers, and survive on the high seas. When they discover that magic is real and meet up with unfriendly mythical creatures, their lives become even more interesting.

There were too many characters among the young crew to be notable, but the story focused on Noa’s perspective, and his relationships with his father, his brother, and his friends. Noa always enjoyed curling up with a good book, unlike his well liked rambunctious brother, who would be a better choice to inherit the throne if Noa weren’t the elder heir. On his journey, Noa will need to live outside his books, make tough decisions, and lead his young crew to safety.

This is a great high seas adventure for middle grade and older readers.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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