Time travel romance.
An accidental misstep takes Rosalind from her husband and son in Victorian England to its modern day parallel. For four long years, she is stuck in the twenty first century, a frightening and confusing place for a woman straight out of history. When she is finally able to return to her time, Rosalind finds that life has moved on without her. Her son is no longer a baby. Her husband may have remarried. Time has changed them all.


A Stitch in Time

Years after a tragic accident took place there, Bronwyn returns to a beloved haunted old manor on the English moors. When her childhood dreams of ghosts & an old love prove to be true memories, Bronwyn travels back to Victorian times to meet her old boyfriend. Yet the ghosts in her present time are desperate for release. Desperate enough to cause another tragic accident, one that Bronwyn won’t be able to escape from again.

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